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I have two sons who are 4 and 17 months so life for us seems pretty hectic – nowhere near as hectic as Lisa’s I’m sure! I work part time and on my office days I need to leave the house by 7.15.

We live at the bottom of the UK along the South Coast and are pretty much central which means we are often sheltered when it comes to snow. Funnily enough we hadn’t seen any for years until the year I held our eldest and now we have had it almost every year for a few days only. When it snows we take a snow day to enjoy the family time building snowmen etc.




We are fortunate enough to live on the edge of the beautiful new forest but are also very close to the sea so we get to enjoy the best of both worlds.  One of our favourite things to do at the weekend is to take a trip to the beach whatever the weather and stop for lunch in the café.

The good thing about visiting the beach in the rain is that we nearly get it to ourselves. It might seem like a hassle getting them ready but with the clothing there should be no excuse not to go.  Our eldest has some bibs n’ braces so he didn’t get covered in sand after being buried. His waterproof mittens mean he can get water from the sea and stay nice and dry. He is excited to get to the beach so he takes time at all to get dressed.








The young one on the other hand is a wriggler so we end chasing him round the house to get him dressed after his morning shower. Once we have him contained we manage to get him in his all in one so he can join in with brother too.

We have found the perfect place to go crabbing with little ones it’s off the beach so it is shallow and you can actually see the crabs coming in for the bacon. It hasn’t failed us yet and it means the boys can wade in without any worries of them falling off a pier into deep water.


The beach offers lots more opportunities for fun all year round, we fly kites, run around chasing a foot ball or frisbee and the boy enjoys a scoot or a ride around the green. The beach also has a shaded play park and we could easily lose hours playing in the cool sea breeze.

We are lucky that our beach is popular so they offer lots of other activities such as the Easter trail searching for hidden letters amongst a mile long route. There is also a conservation area with a pond and bird hide to look out across the marshes. We hunted for treasure with a metal detector and had great fun hiding coins for the boy to find.


As we live close to Southampton we get to watch the cruise ships sail out on a Friday. In the summer this is perfect, we walk down grab some fish & chips and sit and watch the world go by. It helps that the sea air and the walk wear the boys out too!


Just a short distance from the beach is the beautiful new forest and what a great place to bring up children.

The forest opens up so many more opportunities for outside play we have been on mini beast hunts, den building excursions, mushroom hunts we even went searching for the gruffalo. He is very shy!

Oh how could I forget the new forest ponies, cows and pigs that free roam and hide in the fern just to moo at you when you pass.  The pine cone hunts for the Christmas crafts, the search for conkers only to find chestnuts to roast on the fire. The blackberries for the crumble which never make it back home but end up on the faces of two cheeky chappies.

IMG_9667It is the perfect place to sit with a picnic and soak up the scenery whilst the boys roam free without worrying about the road. When the weather turns the best thing is donning your willies and in the words of Peppa Pig ‘Jumping in muddy puddles’ you can’t beat it. 

Sleep deprived mummy to two boys, the preschooler is ‘free spirited’ whilst the young one is calm….for now anyway!  Life is crazy but never dull and sometimes the only thing that helps is a soco and lemonade when the kids are in bed.

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