Forget the regular chores….

Electrical Outlet And Plug Clip Art
A small post today due to the fact that our power company decided to do maintenance and turned off the electricity today….it was off from 9.15am till 12.30pm.  
This included no water.  We are on tank water therefore water needs to be pumped via electricity to the house….so I couldn’t do any laundry today, dish washing etc.

I was also going to also tackle cleaning my bathroom today, but without water…..not possible.

Luckily I thought ahead and filled up 3 jugs of tap water for emergencies like, washing hands, making coffee (still can use the gas stove top to boil).

So, what did I do with no power?  

The two little boys did some colouring and Magic Painting – just water and a paint brush (I don’t do paints or messy craft, those are for kinder and school)……

As for myself, I had been putting off a job for weeks – cleaning and sorting out my wardrobe.  (BUT, I only did MY side….hubby is very particular about his clothes and besides I wouldn’t know where to start…he really needs to do a throw out though)!

So today, was the perfect day for it.  I got rid of (to give to OP SHOPS)  3 Large sized garbage bags of too big and too small sized clothes, older clothes that I haven’t worn in years and also some ‘fat’ (maternity clothes) as well.  I re-folded, moved some shelves around (I have the Elfa Wardrobe system, which means they are easy to adjust).  I even found some things I had misplaced too!  

I also hung up a couple of my handbags (idea came from The Organised Housewife) I hope to pick up some hooks for this idea later, at the moment I am using a coat hanger.  This job took up most of the day…
Therefore, dinner preparation was also delayed and I didn’t get time to make my pizza dough until 2.00pm (this took, 40mins in the bread machine), luckily the Pizza’s were made when I got home from school pick-up.

So what did you do today?

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  1. 19, August 2011    

    isnt it a pain when they turn off the power! I went out shopping and stopped in with a friend for coffee cake at gloria jeans,cleaned the bathroom/toilet (daily job), did a ton of washing,hung it out,sorted the dry washing out and put it away and made dinner for tonight and tomorrow..easy yet productive day!Enjoy the weekend x

  2. 19, August 2011    

    You did have a productive day. This weekend is the last sporting weekend….then hopefully I can enjoy the weekends from now on! Hope you have a good one too!

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