Marinating can add extra flavour to a variety of meats so ideally it is best to marinate meat over night or during the day (for eight hours).

If you’re short of time, an hour will produce a good, but milder result.
To make up marinades, all you do is mix the ingredients thoroughly.
Always place meat in a glass or ceramic dish or if you have a Tupperware Season Serve marinating container, this works well or even a ziplock bag. See this recipe ~ MARINATED BAKED CHICKEN PIECES.

Do NOT marinate in a metal containers since the acidic ingredients such as lemon juice or wine can react with the metal. 

Turn meat occasionally so all sides are coated evenly with the marinade and always store covered in the refrigerator.

When barbecuing, always drain the meat and use the marinate as a baste as the meat is cooking.

Here is a list of marinades to try:

When using a marinade that contains honey or sugar, cook the meat at a lower heat than usual to stop the marinade from charring.  Cooking times may need to be adjusted a little to allow for the temperature to reduce its heat.

Honey adds a lovely flavour to Asian style marinades too!

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