{WIN TICKETS} ~ A group of fella singin’ a cappella!

Have you heard of the all male singing group Straight No Chaser (SNC)?  Well neither had No Excuses until only recently.  Call me old fashioned, but if the phrase “male a Capella group” conjures up an image of students in blue blazers and ties, while singing traditional college songs … you can think again. Firstly, what exactly is singing a […]

Wet school days can also involve singing in the rain!!

It’s that time of year again here in Melbourne where there is no need to look at the clock to determine whether it’s school pick up time or not.  The fact is, the weather during Autumn and the approaching Winter months are vastly full with rain. Like clockwork, it is guaranteed to rain as soon […]

From lunch box snacks to an after dinner indulgence…

With the 2015 school year coming to an end (yippee only one week to go) it also means very soon there will be no more school lunches to prepare for a few months!   After a year of packing lunches, including baking and preparing the various school snacks, would you believe I have found an EASY and […]

“When I was your age dear…. I made my own baby food”

Brought to you by Heinz Infant. Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences in anyone’s life and whether you have only one child or several; we all want what is best for our family. The first few years from birth to infancy are enjoyable […]

Make you own REAL YOGHURT

With 9 people in the house, yoghurt never lasts in the No Excuses household and one tub can be devoured instantly.    However did you know it is SO EASY to make your own yogurt at home using the EasiYo yogurt maker?   The new EasiYo yogurt maker has a stylish retro red finish and delivers greater functionality. […]

Why broom when you can zoom?

What causes of dirt, grime, dust, food scraps, sand, paper cuttings, foot prints and spills on floors, tiles and carpets?   How does crumbs, fluff, lint end up in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes? 

What a gripping, absolutely ripping moment at the Melbourne Cup day…..

Every duke and earl and peer is here (perhaps not) Everyone (including Lisa @ No Excuses) who should be here is here What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle, The Melbourne Cup opening day! At the gate are all the horses waiting for the cue to fly away What a gripping, absolutely ripping moment, at the Melbourne […]


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