Wet school days can also involve singing in the rain!!

It’s that time of year again here in Melbourne where there is no need to look at the clock to determine whether it’s school pick up time or not.  The fact is, the weather during Autumn and the approaching Winter months are vastly full with rain. Like clockwork, it is guaranteed to rain as soon […]

From lunch box snacks to an after dinner indulgence…

With the 2015 school year coming to an end (yippee only one week to go) it also means very soon there will be no more school lunches to prepare for a few months!   After a year of packing lunches, including baking and preparing the various school snacks, would you believe I have found an EASY and […]

Preparing lunches for the following day

If you have school aged children, you would know about that the daily routine of making school lunches. Here at No Excuses, the lunches are made the night before and we have a pretty good system in place – just take a look here!  Of course with 7 lunches to make each night we try to keep things […]

Going NUDE……..with food

No Excuses has a motto ~ easy organising, easy cooking; making everyday life a little easier and what I am about to show you, falls into these categories. Running a house of 9 people at times can be hard work and when it comes to food preparation and those school lunches, you can only imagine the amount of […]

“You’re a SUPER MUM”

Have any of your been dubbed a ‘super mum’ (mom for my US viewers).  Over the years my friends and family (and even recently, my husband), have called me this or have even bragged to others;  “You’re a super mum”. What is a supermum exactly? This is what the online dictionary defines as a SUPERMOM?

What to do during the Mid Year WINTER School Holidays?

Our mid year school holidays are here; the WINTER HOLIDAYS, those that are filled with days of frost, rain and wind. Days that need to be spent in doors and out of the cold. A well deserved break is something every mother looks forward too; however if you have to stay indoors for days on end […]

Have you had to crack open a bottle for sanity purposes?

When children are old enough to attend school, life becomes busier, more chaotic and time consuming.    Life before school (as a parent) was bliss, carefree and quite frankly easy. (Perhaps those who are at the early baby and toddler stage might think otherwise, however just you wait and see)! Before children attended school, time was […]


“Lunch orders please”!

Making school lunches would have to be one of those mundane tasks, something that seems to be left till the end of the day or right before bed time. Or perhaps your family makes them up first thing in the morning.  I have even heard of people making up batches of sandwiches and freezing them. With 7 […]

Seven Satisfied School Shoe Shoppers

Buying school shoes might not be a big deal for some families, yet when seven pairs of black school shoes are needed, (not forgetting to mention joggers or sports shoes as well), the whole ordeal of trekking from one store to the other and trying on endless pairs of shoes can give any parent a […]

Labeling school clothing & dots on socks

Labeling clothes in preparation for school is something every family should do.  Keeping track of missing items can be very hard and especially if your item of clothing is NOT labelled, once items are lost replacing them can become very costly and expensive, therefore if you clearly mark your children’s clothing there is a higher chance of […]

Make an easy desk drawer organiser

Recycling and making something out of items lying around the home is something I love doing (see the other things I have made here).  Today I have come up with a very simple and recycling idea using empty ice cream containers.  The No Excuses household only ever buy the 4 litre sized ice cream (due to the size […]

Personal Records and Certificates

Here is an easy way to store important documents. When you have a large family (seven children in my case), there are many Birth Certificates, Baptism Certificates, Holy Communion Certificates, Awards, School Photos, Bank Passports, etc. So what I do, is store my husbands my own important documents and certificates in the one display folder. […]

“Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine…………”

When children are old enough to attend school, life becomes busier, more chaotic and time consuming.    Life before school (as a parent) was bliss, carefree and quite frankly easy. Before children attended school, time was not an issue. If you were are stay-at-home-mum the clock was never watched; school drop off and pick up times […]

“Put on your jumper it is cold today”!

How many times has the above phrase been applied to children as they leave the house and getting into the car before the school trip?  Of course the usual “I can’t find it” reply is spoken and the next 10 minutes are spent either searching the child’s bedroom, the entire house and finally inside the school bag (of […]

Tardiness is NOT tolerated!

Being late is something people either hate and try to avoid or have made it a habit and are never on time. Whether you are one or the other once you have children being LATE is a constant struggle in life. When one is organised, being late should never happen. If you prepare ahead (the evening […]

School routine planner

Getting back into a routine after the end of year school break requires some motivation and organisation skills.  Having chore charts, schedules and a simple system can help the children to become organised, have everything in order and be ready for the following  weeks and school terms ahead. With every school year, new challenges arise for […]

Storage options for school uniforms, shoes and socks

Previously, the little boys room was given a good clean up, tidy and reorganised their ‘stuff’.  The 3 boys had been in a room together for 4½ years; however over the last month I was finding it very hard to keep on top of the clutter and mess. My 4yr old was still in a small […]

Setting up a homework area!

Homework  areas are great for those with large families and if you have the room for an extra table rather than using the dinning one then I highly recommend it. Picture this; 6 kids all sprawled round a kitchen bench top or the dinning table, writing, asking for help, while the 4 yr old tugs on the […]

School bags, blazers & hat storage

Last year organising the children’s items for the new school year was a challenge but we got there in the end!  Perhaps your household is the same; at the end of the school day, the front door area can be a dumping ground for school bags, blazers and even shoes. Last years area although worked for a short while, ended […]

Why do they need 4 sharpeners?

Purchasing supplies, text books and stationery for the upcoming school year can be very daunting.  Whether purchasing for a small of large family; the whole process can be a long and stressful one.  Not only does it hit the pocket HARD, it also takes up a great deal of time and lots of running around. This […]

Don’t panic, you will get there in the end.

{re-published from January 2012} There are so many mummy bloggers out there today and the main topic being talked about all over the place (at the moment in AUS) is “getting back to school” and organisation tips. So many have great ideas, others with quaint and pretty areas in their homes eg front door school bag nooks, […]

Dirty School Lunch boxes

Either at the end of the term or final school year the children’s lunch boxes can become very dirty and worn. Those that wont last another use get tossed into the garbage; however the ones that can go another round, can easily be given a good clean and sterilise. All that is needed: sink nappy soaker […]

“Where are my socks and tie mum”?

I love coming up with ideas that involve recycling old materials and creating something new and/or useful.

Everyone has a ‘scatterbrain’ in their household…….

Even at No Excuses, there is ONE child that is exactly what the dictionary describes:   “Scatterbrain”  A person regarded as flighty, thoughtless, or disorganized. or a person who is incapable of serious thought or concentration.

Ironing can be avoided sometimes.

Here is a simple idea to avoid ironing the school dresses (uniforms) and shirts. Hang them directly onto coat hangers. The sun and wind irons out the creases for you while they flap around on the clothes line.  


1 Cup Plain Flour 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder 1 Cup Coconut 2 Cups Rolled Oates 1 Cup Caster Sugar 1 Cup or 250g butter 2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup   Prepare a lamington tray with a sheet of baking paper.

Those little buggers….

As a parent and a mother of 7 children, there would have to be one thing in my busy household that I can not tolerate…..     It’s those little buggers that managed to find their way onto a child’s head and cause an itching vengeance. Yes you all know whom I am referring too….. NITS!

Tiredness, stress and “I just can’t be bothered”

Recently, I received an email from one of my readers with a rather interesting question.  The question is quite a good one (as we all have these days) and I am more than happy to share it with you all and perhaps give her (and any of you with the same thoughts) a personal answer. “Hi, I found your […]

Mithrill (the second).

Mithrill (the second).

Who remembers these two posts and this little kitty?


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