“Lunch orders please”!

Making school lunches would have to be one of those mundane tasks, something that seems to be left till the end of the day or right before bed time. Or perhaps your family makes them up first thing in the morning.  I have even heard of people making up batches of sandwiches and freezing them. With 7 […]

“Put on your jumper it is cold today”!

How many times has the above phrase been applied to children as they leave the house and getting into the car before the school trip?  Of course the usual “I can’t find it” reply is spoken and the next 10 minutes are spent either searching the child’s bedroom, the entire house and finally inside the school bag (of […]

School routine planner

Getting back into a routine after the end of year school break requires some motivation and organisation skills.  Having chore charts, schedules and a simple system can help the children to become organised, have everything in order and be ready for the following  weeks and school terms ahead. With every school year, new challenges arise for […]

Storage options for school uniforms, shoes and socks

Previously, the little boys room was given a good clean up, tidy and reorganised their ‘stuff’.  The 3 boys had been in a room together for 4½ years; however over the last month I was finding it very hard to keep on top of the clutter and mess. My 4yr old was still in a small […]


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