“Soap on a rope” hanging scrubber

My girls are off to a Summer camp next week and packing the toiletries including the shower essentials are VERY important; inside their toilet/bathroom bags, they have their shampoo, tooth paste and brush, deodorants, hair brushes etc…but I didn’t have enough plastic soap holders/boxes to go around.  So after finding something on Pinterest and being inspired by this post, I […]

POCKETS OF FUN – easy storage project

I made 3 of these; they are great for storing underwear, socks, hair accessories and much more.

Easy to reach mobile phone charger

Here is a simple idea for those mobile phone charger cords!  Never bend over the side of the bed to reach for them again. Make an easy elastic strap that can tie around anything. All you need is:

A Christmas Countdown

  The real reason for the season is to commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of Dec; so what better way to do this than an ADVENT CALENDAR! Make a puzzle for the kids and each piece is placed on a wall or window area up until Christmas Day.  

A Big T-Shirt problem? A sewing project to make smaller!

I was given this t-shirt below when I joined up with my Boot Camp for Women – Personal Training (and will be given more in the future during my progress), however as you can see it’s a one size fits all. My kids even said “mum that is HUGE on you”, so I did a bit of online research and tried […]

How to keep the worst brush clean and sterilised

Toilet brushes are just down right gross, they tend to fray quickly or even break after constant use.  The brush can not be replaced alone as you need to purchase a whole new set (even though you just need the brush).  Some of the toilet brush holders don’t even hold the brush or cover it entirely […]

How to create more space on an outside clothes line

Now that the children are on school holidays, it means more mess, disorder and of course extra washing.  Weekly school uniforms are now replaced by “play” clothes which of course ends up in the laundry faster than you can wash it and hang it out. Here is a way to create more hanging space on […]

Thank you Mum’s the Word – Bauble Wreath

Today {republished from December 2011} my girls and I stocked up on fruit and veg supplies at our local markets, and afterwards we headed over to Kmart and hit the Christmas decoration sales.  It would seem that leaving the decorating of the tree and house till only a week before Christmas a fantastic idea, as I got […]

Nativity Scene ~ 2012

Nativity Scene ~ 2012

Each year our scene is set up slightly different (see 2011 here), we don’t set up our ‘stable/cave’ until Christmas eve, but have the scene unfolding around the area.  The children love to see the figures moving closer to the cave in anticipation that Christmas day is nearer.

Advent Wreath ~ 2012

Advent Wreath ~ 2012

How to make a simple advent wreath; materials needed: metal coat hanger pliers pruners foliage 3 x purple & 1 x pink candle plate imagination

“Where are my socks and tie mum”?

I love coming up with ideas that involve recycling old materials and creating something new and/or useful.

No more milk?

No more milk?

Here is an idea I came up with while starring at my messy white board area (due to the school holidays).  

Book week….yay it’s all over!

Book week….yay it’s all over!

For the past 4 plus weeks it has been “book week” in this house.  The idea of it is fantastic, however, when the whole primary school and EVERY grade get involved it’s more work for me to handle. Our theme was based on Ancient Rome.  Each class had to either do a cardboard project or […]


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