“Your mother sent us a pram”?

Just recently, hubby and my 16yr old daughter flew up to Sydney to my parents and then drove home the following day with my mothers second hand car.  Or course, no visit to my parents is without a car load full of goodies being sent home to the grand children or myself. My hubby however, was […]

Dirty Dish Cloths & Sponges

Here are 3 very simple and easy ways to clean and sterilise those dirty dish cloths & sponges


Need extra hanging space on your line?  Do you find it time consuming hanging all the socks and underwear on the outside line?    Take a look at this clever way to hang underwear and socks on your clothes line. These hanging systems are stronger than those plastic ones you find at cheap Chinese variety stores. […]

Hang Out Time

Hanging washing would have to be one of my favourite chores in this busy household. Perhaps some of you must be thinking WHAT, HAS SHE GONE MAD?   No, I haven’t (not quite); however I am not talking about the amount of washing which piles up day after day, day in and day out; I […]

Labeling school clothing & dots on socks

Labeling clothes in preparation for school is something every family should do.  Keeping track of missing items can be very hard and especially if your item of clothing is NOT labelled, once items are lost replacing them can become very costly and expensive, therefore if you clearly mark your children’s clothing there is a higher chance of […]

Keeping on top of the washing; how do you do it?

Doing laundry is a huge task within a large family ~ it is numerous, never ending and there is always lots of it. Kids also tend to go though more clothes during holiday break and sometimes half of it is not even dirty, thrown into the laundry, on the bathroom floor or around their bedrooms […]

How to create more space on an outside clothes line

Now that the children are on school holidays, it means more mess, disorder and of course extra washing.  Weekly school uniforms are now replaced by “play” clothes which of course ends up in the laundry faster than you can wash it and hang it out. Here is a way to create more hanging space on […]

Washing blunders and what the……..

Washing is something large families do EVERY SINGLE DAY, so when something goes wrong with the washing machine, leaking pipes, an overflowing sink or drainage problems occur; these mishaps can create complete chaos and all efforts of getting through the days washing is a big fail. Overflowing sinks would not be a problem if the […]

Dirty School Lunch boxes

Either at the end of the term or final school year the children’s lunch boxes can become very dirty and worn. Those that wont last another use get tossed into the garbage; however the ones that can go another round, can easily be given a good clean and sterilise. All that is needed: sink nappy soaker […]

Just hanging around….

Here is a handy hint!  What to do with those micro-fibre mop heads/pads cleaning cloths, mitts  or gloves. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but I am a big fan of the Sabco brand and love my mop.  I have two because one was not living up to its part of the bargain (you can read about Mr Sabco Mop here).   […]

Ironing can be avoided sometimes.

Here is a simple idea to avoid ironing the school dresses (uniforms) and shirts. Hang them directly onto coat hangers. The sun and wind irons out the creases for you while they flap around on the clothes line.  

Too many face washers?

Too many face washers?

I came up with another idea today for The Kids Bathroom; if you have a look a the link and go down the page you will see that I tried storing the face washers in the cabinet drawers.  I got the idea from The Organised Housewife.  While it worked for a little while, I also found that […]

A Big Thank you to HILLS

A little while ago one of the end legs of my portable clothes line from HILLS snapped off. It was full of clothes at the time too. So I emailed the company, sent the photos below and within the same day I received a reply.

Stain remover…which is the best?

Stain remover…which is the best?

When one has a lot of children (regardless of them being boys or girls) doing the laundry/washing can be confronting. One can even become angry and frustrated because a child has spilt some thing on a good shirt, dress or trousers.   Anything from grass stains, mud, dirt, blood, oil, tomato sauce, orange juice etc, all […]

The laundry, a mothers refuge or a prison?

  Refuge or prison? For me it’s my refuge. Perhaps I am one of the few that actually don’t mind washing, hanging out the clothes and folding them into their designated piles. I also find that my laundry is a great place to hide from the kids when all hell is breaking loose!

Monday Morning Madness

Monday Morning Madness

What is with kids and disrupting the school mornings; nothing ever seems to happen of a weekend morning *sigh* This seems an appropriate time to actually do this! Last Tuesday (see here) I also had “one of those mornings”.  So what happened this morning you ask?  (And of course  during the time before getting the kids […]


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