Scissors are essential tools in the kitchen

Did you know a pair of scissors can make life so much easier when preparing meals in the kitchen?  As you can see, No Excuses has a drawer full of them as I use them all the time. Here are several uses when preparing the family meal: Shallots, Spring onions or even Chives can easily be […]

Quick & easy sink cleaning

Large family kitchens, food preparation and sink areas do get a good work out.  Sinks in particular are always full or in constant use and yes get VERY dirty frequently. Here is a simple and quick way to clean and also disinfect those sinks (without having to wait over hour or more to do the […]

No Excuses ~ Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances

We live in a age where small kitchen appliances are a must and most families have a variety of these to help with food preparation in the kitchen; however, have you actually gone through your cupboards and worked out what is used more often than others?   What is your favourite small appliance?  Do you have some you never […]

Meal Planning for any sized family

Cooking for a large family can seem daunting and at times overwhelming. As a wife and/or mother, the day to day chores, errands and appointments can become monotonously boring which can make us unmotivated and even fed up with cooking. However, if you plan your day along the meals for either the week or a month ~ […]

Dirty Dish Cloths & Sponges

Here are 3 very simple and easy ways to clean and sterilise those dirty dish cloths & sponges

The best invention was created by a woman!

The dishwasher would have to be one of best kitchen appliances ever invented. Not only are they time saving; a dishwasher also sterilises and disinfects while cleaning and scrubbing at the same time. Breakfast time during school mornings is one time where the dishwasher is a lifesaver.  Large families can fill a dishwasher of a […]

That job everyone hates doing…..

It’s used every day, gets splattered, stained, full of grime and grease, and   a constant battle to keep clean (no, its not the boys bathroom); it’s the job of CLEANING THE OVEN. Over a period of time, it gets dirtier and greaser….yet we put off this cleaning job time and time again.  WHY?  Because it requires TIME, ENERGY […]

Cleaning the stove~top

With the amount of cooking that gets done in the house by myself and my bigger girls, the stove top can get very grubby. Cleaning it thoroughly takes time and a great deal of effort.  I don’t know how many times I have made my stove top shine, then someone comes along boils something over and its […]

Setting the table for a large family

Setting the table for a large family

One can image that dinner time in a large family would be the busiest time of the day. Setting the table is a big task and sometimes difficult.  Little ones love to help, but dishes can be heavy, glasses can be dropped and tablecloths dragged along the ground. Recently a friend of mine put me onto an […]

My fourth child’s (and 4th daughter) Confirmation Day

My fourth child’s (and 4th daughter) Confirmation Day

If you read my previous post from yesterday , you would have seen that I had prepared tonight’s meal in advance.I have a crock-pot “Roast” Whole Chicken with a spicy Paprika Rub cooking away.   Steam and a bit of the rub is on the sides, but it is looking and smelling good The Mushroom Gravy is already to go too. […]

Doing the night before

Doing the night before

Do any of you organise your kitchen before going to bed? Do you make the school lunches of a morning; or are you like me and do them the night before? Once the kitchen bench top is clean and cleared, I set up the lunch boxes all ready for the filling in the morning.  Lunches […]

Where’s the milk?

Where’s the milk?

The missing item on my shopping list was MILK.If you followed my FB page, I mentioned that I don’t need to write this one down as I buy when the there is only one bottle left in the fridge.  We buy 20Lt at a time (10 x 2lt juice containers).  Today was MILK day. Our milk […]


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