Handbag hook & holder for your car.

Recently, I just got myself a runaround car and being an organiser, I have ventured through all the car accessories in various stores trying to find gadgets and things to keep the car organised and tidy, however what I was after in the way of storage wasn’t available, was a little too expensive or just way over the top, […]

Mum is everyone’s personal secretary; but never her own!

Organising the family along with ones individual tasks, activities, jobs, chores, outings, sport days, excursions, swimming lessons, football/soccer/netball training, appointments to the dentist, hairdresser, doctor, optometrist etc is something the mother often does.  It is almost like running a business and being the personal secretary for the children (and the husband too) !

Nagging really does pay off over time….

There is a moment during parenting when the words of a child can melt ones heart. These two very simple words are “please” and “thank you”. When they come from the mouth of a 4 year old (without asking them to say it), they are priceless, heart warming and a pure delight. These two simple […]

DIY Tooth Paste Savers

We all have found a squished, half empty toothpaste sitting on our bathroom sink area and getting that last bit of paste out can be quite difficult and messy – especially for the kids! Here is an easy idea to make your own toothpaste savers with household items. Why not make your own!

Stay at home mums lack culture and lifetime experiences…

Recently I was accused of not having any culture by a friend who posted an image on her Facebook timeline of a strange meal as I happened to ask what it was she was eating.  I was told however, that I don’t get out much or have enough cultural experiences (mind you this came from a young single lady about to embark on […]

No time to prepare or make a cake for someone’s birthday?

Or it is your birthday and you would rather not make it yourself? Here is a simple idea; prepare all the ingredients earlier or the night before, place them in separate containers – then inside the fridge with the recipe and instructions. These ingredients below are for the No Excuses BEST EVER CHOCOLATE CAKE; and ladies if you would like hubby or […]

Scissors are essential tools in the kitchen

Did you know a pair of scissors can make life so much easier when preparing meals in the kitchen?  As you can see, No Excuses has a drawer full of them as I use them all the time. Here are several uses when preparing the family meal: Shallots, Spring onions or even Chives can easily be […]

“Your mother sent us a pram”?

Just recently, hubby and my 16yr old daughter flew up to Sydney to my parents and then drove home the following day with my mothers second hand car.  Or course, no visit to my parents is without a car load full of goodies being sent home to the grand children or myself. My hubby however, was […]

Bye to misery; hello to life & recovery

The reason for my hysterectomy operation is due to many years of suffering each month which I thought it was “normal”; after all I have had seven children, however the last 6 months really took its toll and as of January 2015 it was time to say “bye misery and hello life”.   My increased fitness has indeed helped […]

Quick & easy sink cleaning

Large family kitchens, food preparation and sink areas do get a good work out.  Sinks in particular are always full or in constant use and yes get VERY dirty frequently. Here is a simple and quick way to clean and also disinfect those sinks (without having to wait over hour or more to do the […]

No Excuses ~ Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances

We live in a age where small kitchen appliances are a must and most families have a variety of these to help with food preparation in the kitchen; however, have you actually gone through your cupboards and worked out what is used more often than others?   What is your favourite small appliance?  Do you have some you never […]

Easy to reach mobile phone charger

Here is a simple idea for those mobile phone charger cords!  Never bend over the side of the bed to reach for them again. Make an easy elastic strap that can tie around anything. All you need is:

No more mess underfoot while driving

You no longer have a baby in the house, nor need to use those baby nappy sacks (rubbish bags) any more?  Well guess what, here is a simple idea which may make you go out and buy some more again! Baby nappy sacks/bags are actually quite strong and can hold quite a bit (I managed […]

The next stage – teens driving me crazy!

For years I have been dealing with dirty nappies, crying babies and toddlers, the terrible two’s and troublesome three’s, night feeds and sleepless nights.   Then the school years began and life became more hectic with many appointments, including school excursions, sports carnivals, meetings, parent/teacher interviews, school concerts and rehearsals,  other sporting commitments along with after school training, swimming, music or […]

If only I had a safety pin….

You are not at home; your trousers or skirt has burst its zip or the elastic has gone. You have broken a nail, cut or jammed your finger or perhaps need to cut off a shopping tag or thread?   If only you had a safety pin, a pair of nail clippers, scissors or even […]

Married couples celebrating Valentines Day!……….Say What???

There are No Excuses for missing Valentines Day even if married and have been so for many years.  Upon discussing the very idea with my dear friend Pam who blogs at My Jewellery Box/Thyroid Living; she made a very important observation and has a guide for all those couples that may have been together for almost a lifetime. […]

Where are my keys?

Losing your keys would have to be one of the most annoying things to happen, especially when you need to be out the door in a flash or trying to get back inside in a hurry.   Throwing them inside your handbag is often a nightmare waiting to happen. For one thing they are never […]

One of the best inventions in the kitchen (apart from Coffee Machines)

Who remembers making popcorn as a child (I know that was a long time ago for me).  Mum would pour a great deal of oil in the base of a saucepan, pre heat it, then pour in the popcorn kernels.  On went the lid and we would stand around patiently waiting for the popping sound.

“You’re a SUPER MUM”

Have any of your been dubbed a ‘super mum’ (mom for my US viewers).  Over the years my friends and family (and even recently, my husband), have called me this or have even bragged to others;  “You’re a super mum”. What is a supermum exactly? This is what the online dictionary defines as a SUPERMOM?

Dirty Dish Cloths & Sponges

Here are 3 very simple and easy ways to clean and sterilise those dirty dish cloths & sponges

The Hokey Pokey wash…

Have you ever wondered where the Hokey Pokey song originated from?  It seems to go back to the early 1800’s and has many different names and meanings based on the lyrics below.  If you are up for a bit of history, the Hokey Cokey (as it was named in the UK) can be read about […]

Hang Out Time

Hanging washing would have to be one of my favourite chores in this busy household. Perhaps some of you must be thinking WHAT, HAS SHE GONE MAD?   No, I haven’t (not quite); however I am not talking about the amount of washing which piles up day after day, day in and day out; I […]

The best invention was created by a woman!

The dishwasher would have to be one of best kitchen appliances ever invented. Not only are they time saving; a dishwasher also sterilises and disinfects while cleaning and scrubbing at the same time. Breakfast time during school mornings is one time where the dishwasher is a lifesaver.  Large families can fill a dishwasher of a […]

Towels & Gym Bag Storage Ideas

Going to a gym was something that never crossed my mind years ago; family life and running a busy household always came first, because sometimes it’s not possible to exercise. Last year I made an effort and was trying to exercise 3 days a week (see here) while my youngest was a kinder. I also had […]

Labeling school clothing & dots on socks

Labeling clothes in preparation for school is something every family should do.  Keeping track of missing items can be very hard and especially if your item of clothing is NOT labelled, once items are lost replacing them can become very costly and expensive, therefore if you clearly mark your children’s clothing there is a higher chance of […]

Make an easy desk drawer organiser

Recycling and making something out of items lying around the home is something I love doing (see the other things I have made here).  Today I have come up with a very simple and recycling idea using empty ice cream containers.  The No Excuses household only ever buy the 4 litre sized ice cream (due to the size […]

Personal Records and Certificates

Here is an easy way to store important documents. When you have a large family (seven children in my case), there are many Birth Certificates, Baptism Certificates, Holy Communion Certificates, Awards, School Photos, Bank Passports, etc. So what I do, is store my husbands my own important documents and certificates in the one display folder. […]

Sleeping in; a thing of the past!

Gone are the days when parents could lie in, stay in bed (well at least one of them) and recharge the batteries for the following week. Once children start getting older and begin school, life becomes busier and busier.  Very soon children’s interests change, new friends are made and their passion for various sporting activities awakens. […]

If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

For those who know me, I have always used this saying “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” and it is so true. Obviously it takes some courage and a bit of stamina to ask for things. Whether you are speaking to someone face to face or over the phone, business related or personal; asking for things […]

The prang I never had!

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable This is a tough one for me; if I was to answer this as a child, the list would be huge.   Nothing worries me too much these days, those that know me would probably honestly say that “nothing fazes her”. Grizzly critters, crawling bugs, spiders, insects etc do not frighten […]


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