“When I was your age dear…. I made my own baby food”

Brought to you by Heinz Infant. Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences in anyone’s life and whether you have only one child or several; we all want what is best for our family. The first few years from birth to infancy are enjoyable […]

Married couples celebrating Valentines Day!……….Say What???

There are No Excuses for missing Valentines Day even if married and have been so for many years.  Upon discussing the very idea with my dear friend Pam who blogs at My Jewellery Box/Thyroid Living; she made a very important observation and has a guide for all those couples that may have been together for almost a lifetime. […]

From snow to sand, and all the way across the land…

Introducing a new VIP @ No Excuses blogger ~ Mummy to Boyz, who will write here on occasion: I have two sons who are 4 and 17 months so life for us seems pretty hectic – nowhere near as hectic as Lisa’s I’m sure! I work part time and on my office days I need to leave […]

Would you just buzz off?

I am irresistible, desirable, delicious and edible! I am hot, nourishing, sweet and highly attractive! I am a delicacy, delightfully tasty and intoxicating!   All of these traits are flattering to any one right?  


No Excuses has a special guest VIP from a Chef!   The following recipe is so EASY; which is exactly what No Excuses likes to offer, “easy organising, easy cooking; making everyday life a little easier“!

YOU have HOW many children?

Deciding to raise a family is something that is usually agreed upon by both spouses. Whether families have 1 child, 2, 3 or 4 children or even a large family (No Excuses has 7 children); it is personal and each families right regardless of how many children they wish to have.  Having children is a […]


Have any of you made an ice~cream cake yet with the EASIEST ICE~CREAM CAKE IN THE WORLD recipe? Several people that follow this website have already done so; therefore here I wish to submit some fantastic and creative ice~cream cake photos that have been made by YOU!


This VIP ~ RECIPE was submitted by Pauline from Toolbox Tastings 2 Tablespoons olive oil 60ml Balsamic vinegar 1 Tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves Salt and Pepper 12 Lamb cutlets

A bookshelf should be a wall feature ~ not an eyesore!

This VIP was written by Pam,  from the blog My Jewellery Box Time to straighten out the book shelf. Look how messy this thing is, why do people seem to think it is ok to chuck anything on a book shelf, that is meant for books!


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