When it comes to sweeping….don’t use a broom….

Who hates sweeping and using a broom?   Sometimes, it’s not worth the effort as dust just gets pushed from one area to another, and when trying to get underneath furniture it can be even more annoying. Of course I have another method and rarely use a broom any more. I use one of these mops […]

Washing blunders and what the……..

Washing is something large families do EVERY SINGLE DAY, so when something goes wrong with the washing machine, leaking pipes, an overflowing sink or drainage problems occur; these mishaps can create complete chaos and all efforts of getting through the days washing is a big fail. Overflowing sinks would not be a problem if the […]

Believe me, IT IS FERAL!!!

When I wrote this post about the job everyone hates doing; there is one that is far worse; a job that tops any job regarding parenting. That job would have to be tending to sick and vomiting children in the early hours of the morning and throughout the entire night. This IS something that all […]

Just hanging around….

Here is a handy hint!  What to do with those micro-fibre mop heads/pads cleaning cloths, mitts  or gloves. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but I am a big fan of the Sabco brand and love my mop.  I have two because one was not living up to its part of the bargain (you can read about Mr Sabco Mop here).   […]

Pick it up, put it away, a home in order is the only way!

The most common phrase that gets thrown at me whenever I am out and about with my seven children is “wow, you must have your hands full“.  Well yes I do, but not the the way everyone thinks. My hands are full of love (to cuddle and embrace), compassion and praise (to give a pat […]

Out with the old and in with the new.

Out with the old and in with the new.

In a life gone by, Mr Sabco Mop was strong, hard working and whizzed around the floor with ease. A day never went by without his aid whether it was sweeping dust or mopping those dirty floors. This poor wretched fellow has had a hard life; as you can see Mr Sabco Mop suddenly had a […]


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