Mum is everyone’s personal secretary; but never her own!

Organising the family along with ones individual tasks, activities, jobs, chores, outings, sport days, excursions, swimming lessons, football/soccer/netball training, appointments to the dentist, hairdresser, doctor, optometrist etc is something the mother often does.  It is almost like running a business and being the personal secretary for the children (and the husband too) !

No Excuses whatsoever…. just 3 years of hard work and counting….

We all have excuses, some are legitimate and justifiable, while others have No Excuses whatsoever and when it comes to exercising, many factors need to be considered.   Exercising was a thing of the past once I had children, I chose to raise my family of 7 children which left little time to exercise or look after myself .  Of course there is […]

Feeling amazing and so much better…

It’s been almost 4 months since my Hysterectomy operation back in April 2015 and I thought I would write a follow up post (from this previous one), on how things have been going.   Firstly let me just say, I FEEL AMAZING and without the proper rest and care I took during my recovery period, I probably wouldn’t […]


Do you exercise regularly or perhaps not getting enough protein into your body of a morning?   My personal trainer (via my boot camp), told me to start having a protein shake after my breakfast and/or again for afternoon tea (put into a travel mug on the way to school or at home after school) however […]

Exercising after foot surgery…. it can be done!

Exercising was something I use to do long before having kids and in fact when I was much younger.  After having children (7 actually), exercising was a thing of the past and mainly due to timing and a totally different lifestyle – however don’t feel bad, sometimes it’s not possible to exercise. I use to do a variety of sports including […]

Towels & Gym Bag Storage Ideas

Going to a gym was something that never crossed my mind years ago; family life and running a busy household always came first, because sometimes it’s not possible to exercise. Last year I made an effort and was trying to exercise 3 days a week (see here) while my youngest was a kinder. I also had […]

Don’t feel bad, sometimes it’s not possible to exercise

Exercising, going to the gym, personal training, running or even boot-camp are the rage at the moment. Someone you know is doing it; however don’t feel bad that you are not on the same level as everyone else. Sometimes physical exercise just ISN’T possible and especially if you are a full time mother.   Most […]



No time to exercise when you have a large family? This mother can prove you wrong!


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