“Soap on a rope” hanging scrubber

My girls are off to a Summer camp next week and packing the toiletries including the shower essentials are VERY important; inside their toilet/bathroom bags, they have their shampoo, tooth paste and brush, deodorants, hair brushes etc…but I didn’t have enough plastic soap holders/boxes to go around.  So after finding something on Pinterest and being inspired by this post, I […]

POCKETS OF FUN – easy storage project

I made 3 of these; they are great for storing underwear, socks, hair accessories and much more.

A Christmas Countdown

  The real reason for the season is to commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of Dec; so what better way to do this than an ADVENT CALENDAR! Make a puzzle for the kids and each piece is placed on a wall or window area up until Christmas Day.  


Need extra hanging space on your line?  Do you find it time consuming hanging all the socks and underwear on the outside line?    Take a look at this clever way to hang underwear and socks on your clothes line. These hanging systems are stronger than those plastic ones you find at cheap Chinese variety stores. […]

Thank you Mum’s the Word – Bauble Wreath

Today {republished from December 2011} my girls and I stocked up on fruit and veg supplies at our local markets, and afterwards we headed over to Kmart and hit the Christmas decoration sales.  It would seem that leaving the decorating of the tree and house till only a week before Christmas a fantastic idea, as I got […]

Advent Wreath ~ 2013

This year; (even though a couple of days late of making it); I decided to forgo the coat hanger (as of last year) and use vines that were easy to wrap into a circle. Below I used Jasmin vines cutting them a long as possible and binding them with good old sticky tape, recycled the previous […]

Make an easy desk drawer organiser

Recycling and making something out of items lying around the home is something I love doing (see the other things I have made here).  Today I have come up with a very simple and recycling idea using empty ice cream containers.  The No Excuses household only ever buy the 4 litre sized ice cream (due to the size […]

“Angels We Have Heard On High….”

Christmas is a special time for children, not only are they looking forward to opening their presents on Christmas day, but the decorations, the tree and everything about the season excites them.  So continuing with our nativity scene and theme in the living room and kitchen area; this year I wanted to make the room […]

Christmas Corner 2012

Christmas Corner 2012

One side of our large room

A new use for an old vase!

  A friend of mine gave me the following idea. I have had this vase for over 14 years and never really used it. It was a wedding present.  Now the old vase has been turned into a new beautiful dinning centre piece.

No more milk?

No more milk?

Here is an idea I came up with while starring at my messy white board area (due to the school holidays).  

My Sewing / Art Room

My Sewing / Art Room

Having a special room to sew is a real treat and since doing our house renovations about 4 years ago, I was fortunate enough to request a sewing room all to myself. Sewing is something I really enjoy ~ that is using a sewing machine and over-locker (not the knitting, crocheting or cross-stitching kind; although I will do […]

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

    made with…

Home-made Pinata

Home-made Pinata

So, I have our first and eldest boys birthday party tomorrow with lots of noisy boys coming for the day.  I had to call on a good friend of mine to ask “What do you do at a boys birthday party”? Along with the games, food and cake…..it needs to be fun and active for […]


How and why I came up with this idea. As a child, I always remember I had a pillow case cover with my name written on it. My mothers dear friend and neighbour made it for me when I was only a child. I only ever remember it being used on my bed to sleep […]


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