No time to prepare or make a cake for someone’s birthday?

Or it is your birthday and you would rather not make it yourself? Here is a simple idea; prepare all the ingredients earlier or the night before, place them in separate containers – then inside the fridge with the recipe and instructions. These ingredients below are for the No Excuses BEST EVER CHOCOLATE CAKE; and ladies if you would like hubby or […]

Meal Planning for any sized family

Cooking for a large family can seem daunting and at times overwhelming. As a wife and/or mother, the day to day chores, errands and appointments can become monotonously boring which can make us unmotivated and even fed up with cooking. However, if you plan your day along the meals for either the week or a month ~ […]

Camping indoors……..we survived (only just)!

Anyone that knows me would have to agree that I detest and refuse to go camping. This might be due to an earlier experience as a teen having been sent off to a Christian camp. I won’t go into detail, however I do remember crying my eyes out when I got there upon seeing the […]


2½ cups self raising flour 30g butter ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup milk Canola cooking spray (extra milk and flour if dough too dry or too wet ~ add as required) Dried basil – 1 tablespoon (optional)



Ingredients: 1 x packet mini marshmallows or  1 x 500g packet marshmallows  (use about half the pack) 1 x packet CLINKERS 1 x packet RASPBERRY lollies  


Cake Ingredients: 1 cup self raising flour 1 tablespoon corn flour 5 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla essence ¾ cup caster sugar ⅔ cup Marsala (or sherry) 80g butter – melted 2 x 250g Strawberries punnet  2 tablespoons plain or rice flour 600ml thickened cream – whipped (½ cup for custard).  Grated chocolate

Party Food Idea

Party Food Idea

My eldest boy is 7 tomorrow and we will be having a birthday party for him on Saturday (wish me luck – there will be twelve 7 year old boys – plus an extra 7 kids of mine running around – ack). 

Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids

So, what are your feelings with kids cooking?  Do you let them help when they are very young?  Or are you like me and let them help when they are much older.   When one has a large family; cooking with children or lots of little helpers in the kitchen can either be fun or become an […]


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