One household addiction that is impossible to break…

Children’s accessories are numerous and the number of items can vary, however there are a couple of items that have very special miraculous powers such as disappearing and/or morphing into another. There is no explanation as to why this happens and perhaps we as parents will never know the answer, however to be brief; these would have to be “socks” and “school hair […]

Tears of joy and excitement over a pair of….

Words can’t truly express how I’m feeling, however I literally cried tears of joy and jumped up and down like an excited little girl.  You see I opened a special box that arrived in the post today, something that I have been hoping for, wanting and dreaming about for the past 3 years.  For some […]

Would you go shopping in your pyjamas?

Driving the kids to school and pulling into the drop-off zone, you turn to kiss each child goodbye for the day while making sure each has their school bag and lunch.  Suddenly out the corner of your eye you see a fellow mother walking out of the school office in their pyjama pants with a jumper covering her PJ top or another with […]


Need extra hanging space on your line?  Do you find it time consuming hanging all the socks and underwear on the outside line?    Take a look at this clever way to hang underwear and socks on your clothes line. These hanging systems are stronger than those plastic ones you find at cheap Chinese variety stores. […]

Do I have too many shoes!

According to my husband, I have too many shoes;  my new 10 shoe hanging rack has only 6 spaces filled – with the exception of a pair of boots which don’t fit in there (these I have hanging on a coat hanger) and joggers which stay in my gym bag when not being worn.  Is […]

Seven Satisfied School Shoe Shoppers

Buying school shoes might not be a big deal for some families, yet when seven pairs of black school shoes are needed, (not forgetting to mention joggers or sports shoes as well), the whole ordeal of trekking from one store to the other and trying on endless pairs of shoes can give any parent a […]

Labeling school clothing & dots on socks

Labeling clothes in preparation for school is something every family should do.  Keeping track of missing items can be very hard and especially if your item of clothing is NOT labelled, once items are lost replacing them can become very costly and expensive, therefore if you clearly mark your children’s clothing there is a higher chance of […]

Keeping on top of the washing; how do you do it?

Doing laundry is a huge task within a large family ~ it is numerous, never ending and there is always lots of it. Kids also tend to go though more clothes during holiday break and sometimes half of it is not even dirty, thrown into the laundry, on the bathroom floor or around their bedrooms […]

These shoes are made for walking….a foot aid kit

Most women are passionate about shoes and experience sheer excitement when buying a new pair (even if they already have 100’s of other pairs in their wardrobe). No Excuses on the other hand; buys shoes, takes them home and is really worried if she has bought the correct pair, if they are going to be […]

Supportive footwear is the key to comfort

As a survivor of Triple Arthrodesis surgery; footwear and supportive shoes are very important!  Those of you that have not read my story can do so here!   Of course this was written early last year and I had forgotten to do a follow up post on the outcome of it all. Recently an acquaintance met […]

One shoe off and one shoe on…………….diddle diddle...

One shoe off and one shoe on…………….diddle diddle dumpling my son……….

When taking children to visit friends and family, they are expected to be polite, obedient, well behaved and have lovely manners;  these conditions are expected of them however, at times some children just seem to forget no matter how well the children have been taught!!

Breathing a sigh of relief!

We all have those mornings; those that turn a mother from the gentle creature she should be  to the roaring lioness, ferociously snarling and snapping at the cubs to get a move on, eat their breakfast, find and put on those shoes, jumper and hat, grab their lunch, brush their teeth and hair and GET […]

Believe me, IT IS FERAL!!!

When I wrote this post about the job everyone hates doing; there is one that is far worse; a job that tops any job regarding parenting. That job would have to be tending to sick and vomiting children in the early hours of the morning and throughout the entire night. This IS something that all […]

School bags, blazers & hat storage

Last year organising the children’s items for the new school year was a challenge but we got there in the end!  Perhaps your household is the same; at the end of the school day, the front door area can be a dumping ground for school bags, blazers and even shoes. Last years area although worked for a short while, ended […]

Don’t panic, you will get there in the end.

{re-published from January 2012} There are so many mummy bloggers out there today and the main topic being talked about all over the place (at the moment in AUS) is “getting back to school” and organisation tips. So many have great ideas, others with quaint and pretty areas in their homes eg front door school bag nooks, […]

A car “boot” sale anyone?

Have you ever gone through your home, counted and sorted shoes.  I am not talking about your own, but the ENTIRE family ~ most importantly the kids.  This is not an easy task mind you, it’s almost as difficult as storing or sorting clothes. After reading this post from Thyroid Living blog ~ Drowning in a Sea […]

No “Imelda Marcos” here!

As a mother we are constantly on our feet throughout the day; and wearing supportive footwear is very important. However having problem feet is not something to be taken lightly. Throughout all my life buying shoes has never been easy. My own mother can vouch for this; shopping for shoes was hard work.

Forget the children’s messy rooms…….how does yours look?

For most large families; running a busy household and keeping on top of the never ending washing & laundry, meals & cooking, housework, cleaning and extra chores etc can take its toll. Sometimes these tasks can also be hard to maintain. The above can be achieved with regular routines and allocating chores or responsibilities within the family. Keeping bedrooms tidy […]

Hats, hats and more hats ~ who likes hats?

Hats, what’s not to love like about them?  Especially the old fashioned vintage ones. I can not remember the first time I started to like hats; (perhaps my mother might have an answer to this one) however, in my teens I went off them and could never find any that would suit me.    My favourite […]

Surviving a Triple Arthodesis ~ my biggest challenge yet.

Throughout our lives we encounter many trials and struggles. Sometimes we don’t understand and have moments of “Why has this happened to me”. When these moments arise and situations change, each person/family has a different way of coping. Grief, stress, hardship and suffering are all dealt with in our own way. As for myself when hardship arises, I try […]

Ironing can be avoided sometimes.

Here is a simple idea to avoid ironing the school dresses (uniforms) and shirts. Hang them directly onto coat hangers. The sun and wind irons out the creases for you while they flap around on the clothes line.  

Keeping the boys wardrobe tidy (with a struggle)!

Keeping the boys wardrobe tidy (with a struggle)!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I like to keep on top of things.  If the bedrooms are clean and tidy at the beginning of the day, then the rest of the house feels tidy. If the beds are made and the wardrobes organised, then it is much easier for […]


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