Mum is everyone’s personal secretary; but never her own!

Organising the family along with ones individual tasks, activities, jobs, chores, outings, sport days, excursions, swimming lessons, football/soccer/netball training, appointments to the dentist, hairdresser, doctor, optometrist etc is something the mother often does.  It is almost like running a business and being the personal secretary for the children (and the husband too) !

Nagging really does pay off over time….

There is a moment during parenting when the words of a child can melt ones heart. These two very simple words are “please” and “thank you”. When they come from the mouth of a 4 year old (without asking them to say it), they are priceless, heart warming and a pure delight. These two simple […]

Preparing lunches for the following day

If you have school aged children, you would know about that the daily routine of making school lunches. Here at No Excuses, the lunches are made the night before and we have a pretty good system in place – just take a look here!  Of course with 7 lunches to make each night we try to keep things […]

Going NUDE……..with food

No Excuses has a motto ~ easy organising, easy cooking; making everyday life a little easier and what I am about to show you, falls into these categories. Running a house of 9 people at times can be hard work and when it comes to food preparation and those school lunches, you can only imagine the amount of […]

“Your mother sent us a pram”?

Just recently, hubby and my 16yr old daughter flew up to Sydney to my parents and then drove home the following day with my mothers second hand car.  Or course, no visit to my parents is without a car load full of goodies being sent home to the grand children or myself. My hubby however, was […]

Out of sight, out of mind…

Messy bedrooms happen often in any sized family (even the parents rooms can get into a state of clutter and chaos); yet there is always one particular person in every family that can not get organised.   No amount of encouragement, advice or help does any good, they never seem to see the light at […]

The next stage – teens driving me crazy!

For years I have been dealing with dirty nappies, crying babies and toddlers, the terrible two’s and troublesome three’s, night feeds and sleepless nights.   Then the school years began and life became more hectic with many appointments, including school excursions, sports carnivals, meetings, parent/teacher interviews, school concerts and rehearsals,  other sporting commitments along with after school training, swimming, music or […]

Never complain about your role or job again…

Have you ever complained about your job or the chores you have to do?   Does being a mother take a toll on you sometimes? Come on mums, we all have our share of worries and frustrations.   But….when it comes to cleaning there are definitely some chores which are up there on the list that are the […]

“You’re a SUPER MUM”

Have any of your been dubbed a ‘super mum’ (mom for my US viewers).  Over the years my friends and family (and even recently, my husband), have called me this or have even bragged to others;  “You’re a super mum”. What is a supermum exactly? This is what the online dictionary defines as a SUPERMOM?

Have you had to crack open a bottle for sanity purposes?

When children are old enough to attend school, life becomes busier, more chaotic and time consuming.    Life before school (as a parent) was bliss, carefree and quite frankly easy. (Perhaps those who are at the early baby and toddler stage might think otherwise, however just you wait and see)! Before children attended school, time was […]

How to create more space on an outside clothes line

Now that the children are on school holidays, it means more mess, disorder and of course extra washing.  Weekly school uniforms are now replaced by “play” clothes which of course ends up in the laundry faster than you can wash it and hang it out. Here is a way to create more hanging space on […]

Don’t feel bad, sometimes it’s not possible to exercise

Exercising, going to the gym, personal training, running or even boot-camp are the rage at the moment. Someone you know is doing it; however don’t feel bad that you are not on the same level as everyone else. Sometimes physical exercise just ISN’T possible and especially if you are a full time mother.   Most […]

A home-schooling mum’s chore chart

Need some jobs or chores done by the kids; here is a simple idea for getting chores done around the home.  This busy home schooling mum of 6 has kindly shared her effective chore chart with No Excuses! Easy organising for large families. Each child has a A4 laminated card printed with their name at the […]

Easy routines for the children and the family

Organisation is a big part of my every day life.  I like to plan ahead, and finish a job before moving onto the next one.  Schedules and routines are essential in businesses, so why not use these methods in the home too? As a mother of seven, life can be pretty hectic.  Peace and quiet […]

Cleaning the stove~top

With the amount of cooking that gets done in the house by myself and my bigger girls, the stove top can get very grubby. Cleaning it thoroughly takes time and a great deal of effort.  I don’t know how many times I have made my stove top shine, then someone comes along boils something over and its […]

Pick it up, put it away, a home in order is the only way!

The most common phrase that gets thrown at me whenever I am out and about with my seven children is “wow, you must have your hands full“.  Well yes I do, but not the the way everyone thinks. My hands are full of love (to cuddle and embrace), compassion and praise (to give a pat […]

Cleaning the Play Room….after the kids have trashed it.

Recently I wrote a post for Mouths of Mums called Storage solutions for toys; it’s time to put the toys away! You can get the general idea by reading at the link above. It will give you an idea of what toy storage systems I have used over the last 14 years.Like most parents, I […]

Forget the regular chores….

Forget the regular chores….

A small post today due to the fact that our power company decided to do maintenance and turned off the electricity today….it was off from 9.15am till 12.30pm.   This included no water.  We are on tank water therefore water needs to be pumped via electricity to the house….so I couldn’t do any laundry today, dish washing etc.


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