Loch Sport, VIC ~ large family accomodation

No Excuses spent a weeks holiday away (with another family of 10) in this quiet little town of Loch Sport amongst the seagulls, black swans, wandering echidna and roaming local kangaroos. This lovely 5 bedroom accommodation known as The Boat House has stunning views of Lake Victoria. It was comfortable (just like home) and roomy with enough beds […]

Preparing for a weeks holiday

Holidaying away with a large family requires lots of planning, preparation and packing. This upcoming weekend, the No Excuses household are heading off for a week away with another large sized family ~ there will be 9 of us and 10 of them.   We are going to share a holiday house and of course need to […]

My “TIME OUT” Hobart ~ Tasmania trip

My “TIME OUT” Hobart ~ Tasmania trip

Those that have been following the blog (and possibly the facebook page too) may have read recently that I was fortunate enough to tag along with hubby on one of his business trips.  This being the first time EVER in 14 years of our marriage! You can read about my excitement here in the Time out! How often […]

Time out! How often do mothers get to do this?

Time out! How often do mothers get to do this?

Parents (and in particular) mothers need some time out once in a while. I am not talking about hiding in the bedroom or bathroom (although the bathroom hiding never works does it…..they still find you in there “mum…………….mum…………mum”, we can’t even……*$%*@ in peace can we). Nor do I mean a day of shopping (not the […]

I’ve sent them ‘packing’

All week I have been secretly looking forward to an upcoming event….not very big mind you, but in the eyes of a mother with SEVEN kids, it is indeed magical. Hubby is taking 5 out of my 7 kids (and a friend of my 7 yr old boy) camping  for 4 days.


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