Handbag hook & holder for your car.

Recently, I just got myself a runaround car and being an organiser, I have ventured through all the car accessories in various stores trying to find gadgets and things to keep the car organised and tidy, however what I was after in the way of storage wasn’t available, was a little too expensive or just way over the top, […]

One household addiction that is impossible to break…

Children’s accessories are numerous and the number of items can vary, however there are a couple of items that have very special miraculous powers such as disappearing and/or morphing into another. There is no explanation as to why this happens and perhaps we as parents will never know the answer, however to be brief; these would have to be “socks” and “school hair […]

Scissors are essential tools in the kitchen

Did you know a pair of scissors can make life so much easier when preparing meals in the kitchen?  As you can see, No Excuses has a drawer full of them as I use them all the time. Here are several uses when preparing the family meal: Shallots, Spring onions or even Chives can easily be […]

No Excuses ~ Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances

We live in a age where small kitchen appliances are a must and most families have a variety of these to help with food preparation in the kitchen; however, have you actually gone through your cupboards and worked out what is used more often than others?   What is your favourite small appliance?  Do you have some you never […]

Hats, hats and more hats ~ who likes hats?

Hats, what’s not to love like about them?  Especially the old fashioned vintage ones. I can not remember the first time I started to like hats; (perhaps my mother might have an answer to this one) however, in my teens I went off them and could never find any that would suit me.    My favourite […]

Keeping Up Appearances

And I don’t mean like Mrs Bucket..”It’s Bouquet“ Tomorrow night, I am attending a formal dinner – 15th Anniversary for my husbands work.  I have had to find something formal for the occasion.  I want to look like a “gorgeous” mother, one that still looks her best EVEN though she has SEVEN children.   Can some […]


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