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Who am iIt’s been a little quiet on the blog right?  So I thought I might join in with BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY CHALLENGE.  Day 1 was on Wednesday; however better late then never right? So here it goes……

The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph… no one will be counting your words… probably)

A Sydney born and bred girl ~ from the “Shire” actually (don’t even think of comparing me to that tv show); my dad an Aussie and my mother Italian ~ Sicilian actually…..yes that is where the Mafia resides!  I also have a sister 3 yrs younger than me.


As a child I was always shy and very sensitive, which I can now see one of my daughters is the same way ~ but perhaps more extreme than I ever was (I may have to confirm this with my own mother)

I went to school, high-school (did yr 12) and then onto TAFE the following year.  There I did a Certificate in Office Administration, a basic LEGAL Secretary and Corporate Presentation / Hospitality course too.

Meanwhile during my TAFE studies, I had a part-time job at Pizza Hut which I did for 3 yrs.  After my TAFE course I worked at several places as Receptionist by day (a nine to five job) while being a Pizza gal by night (normally did the night shift 6 – 11 but most times I finished at 12 or 1.00am with the lock up shift) for 5 days a week and weekends too.

I was saving up for a brand new car and bought this while still on my L plates at 19 (but now I am a bus driver). 

During my early career, I got sick of front desk work and answering telephones (which I did for 3 plus years) and decided to take a year off and I got into retail.  I became a check-out chick at my local Woollies (a fill in job) and eventually moved into the Telstra Shop (yes I know Telstra is a nasty word; back then I am sure they were more friendly).  I worked in the Mobile Net department and there I found my love of technology and a knack for fixing faulty phones!  (I was in the faults department and sales), I worked at the local Westfield shopping centre….which was a great place indeed!

Around this time I met my hubby to be in 96/97 and in 1998 we were married. 

The rest is history; with 7 beautiful children to prove it.  

Hubby travelled constantly with his career (being a Chemical Engineer) while I held the fought.  However one location we lived was Nyngan and rural outback town and I loved it. From there we moved around Sydney and then made our final home here in Melbourne! 

If you just found this website, take a look at the various easy recipes at the CUISINE menu above, there are many household tips and perhaps a few helpful hits too.  


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