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From time to time, a post not related to organising will show up here at No Excuses regarding my “funny foot” in order to spread an awareness for anyone else that may have a foot condition.  When I had my surgery done in 2002, there was not much information out on the web, therefore, I will continue to write about this topic.

Those of you that have been following my Triple Arothodesis journey will know that I have a problem foot.  One that has endured years of problems, 2 lots of surgery and requires regular maintenance, X-rays, check ups with my podiatrist ~ Dr Michael Kinchington and of course wearing supportive and comfortable footwear.  


My foot needs to be taken care of throughout my life, yet I am far from troubles and still occasionally endure spasms of pain without any prior warning.  I could be just walking and WHAM, a shot of pain surges through my ankle; the only way I can describe this feeling is like being been shot with a nail gun from the base of the ankle and any weight baring or pressure on the ground intensifies the situation.

All I can do from this point, is SIT down and take the weight off it.  Sometimes 30 minutes is all that is needed, other times it could take all day and when this is the case, I need to pull out my walking stick, rub my foot with Arnica and also use an ice pack.

Of course there are 4 screws and a staple inside my foot and I have various scars. One large scare is visible from my 2 year old surgery (see above) and others are around my foot from 6 incisions; therefore it is bound to play up every now and then.  At most times even the climate (which sounds strange) effects my foot whether it’s hot or cold weather.

This is not my actual foot X-ray on the right; however no wonder I have ankle pain with that screw directly in the heel.  Removing the hardware also might be an option down the track.


So how do I cope with this you may ask while still having to get about with my tasks and duties throughout the day?  

For one thing, the pain can be quite intense at times, however I am able to focus and concentrate on something else FAR WORSE – like birthing 7 children.  NOTHING can compare to labour pains… NOTHING!

If I am home alone, I avoid walking about, I don’t go out (except driving to and from school), I also wait for my high school girls to collect the younger children from their line up after school as keeping off my foot is the best option, even if this means sitting on the couch all day watching movies and avoiding housework.  My health is more important than a un-organised and messy house.

Mothers spend a great deal of time on their feet, therefore, I try to wear supportive footwear, and in my case the best option is a pair of stability joggers.  And these I will wear continually when my foot is playing up.

On a recent visit to Sydney (during the Christmas holidays), I did catch up with Dr Michael Kinchington (my last appointment was 5 years ago).  He is presently working on two new orthotics – one for casual and every day footwear, including my exercise shoes and another for dress or formal shoes.

When I saw him, I took along my current joggers and heels (which was easy as I only have one pair of each – my shoe collection can be seen here).

My old New Balance joggers, although still in good condition were not cushioning or supporting the ankle as they are walking shoes.  

Five years ago, I was not exercising like I am today; therefore I purchased a new pair or shoes with the advice of my Podiatrist and Michael Elliot from The Athletes Foot – East Gardens.  He had already spoken to my Doctor, knew the shoes I needed and had set them aside for me for when I met him in store (I also got my kids school shoes from there too ~ see here).  Here I am sporting my new Brooks joggers (they are so comfortable too)!

As I have mentioned in other posts regarding my footwear; Supportive footwear is the key to comfort.  My  feet and footwear are important.  With seven children life is busy, hectic and active.  I am constantly on the move, running around, doing errands, grocery shopping, attending appointments etc and all of these are done on foot.  

Without the proper footwear, maintenance and care I probably would not be able to walk today.  So, if you see someone using a walking stick, limping or having a hard time walking, remember to offer them a kind word, perhaps ask if they need a hand.  They might be struggling with a shopping trolley, bag of groceries, or even simply crossing the street.  On the outside everything might look fine, but on the inside they just might have a problem you don’t know about… you just never know… they too just might have a funny foot!




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