Wet school days can also involve singing in the rain!!

It’s that time of year again here in Melbourne where there is no need to look at the clock to determine whether it’s school pick up time or not.  The fact is, the weather during Autumn and the approaching Winter months are vastly full with rain. Like clockwork, it is guaranteed to rain as soon […]

One household addiction that is impossible to break…


Children’s accessories are numerous and the number of items can vary, however there are a couple of items that have very special miraculous powers such as disappearing and/or morphing into another. There is no explanation as to why this happens and perhaps we as parents will never know the answer, however to be brief; these would have to be “socks” and “school hair […]


meatloaf 2


happy Easter giveaway

With Easter only a week away this simple and delicious ice cream cake will be a winner with the kids and anyone that loves ice cream and chocolate eggs! It is so easy to create that the children can even help (however expect a few eggs to be eaten in the process). If you haven’t […]

Nagging really does pay off over time….


There is a moment during parenting when the words of a child can melt ones heart. These two very simple words are “please” and “thank you”. When they come from the mouth of a 4 year old (without asking them to say it), they are priceless, heart warming and a pure delight. These two simple […]

DIY Tooth Paste Savers

We all have found a squished, half empty toothpaste sitting on our bathroom sink area and getting that last bit of paste out can be quite difficult and messy – especially for the kids! Here is an easy idea to make your own toothpaste savers with household items. Why not make your own!

Stay at home mums lack culture and lifetime experiences…


Recently I was accused of not having any culture by a friend who posted an image on her Facebook timeline of a strange meal as I happened to ask what it was she was eating.  I was told however, that I don’t get out much or have enough cultural experiences (mind you this came from a young single lady about to embark on […]

From lunch box snacks to an after dinner indulgence…

Cobs Popcorn

With the 2015 school year coming to an end (yippee only one week to go) it also means very soon there will be no more school lunches to prepare for a few months!   After a year of packing lunches, including baking and preparing the various school snacks, would you believe I have found an EASY and […]

No Excuses whatsoever…. just 3 years of hard work and counting….

We all have excuses, some are legitimate and justifiable, while others have No Excuses whatsoever and when it comes to exercising, many factors need to be considered.   Exercising was a thing of the past once I had children, I chose to raise my family of 7 children which left little time to exercise or look after myself .  Of course there is […]



I rarely get to sit down and watch a cooking show or segment on television, however upon a recent visit to my mums, I saw this simple recipe on Better Homes and Gardens.  Of course No Excuses had to try it, but I changed and added more ingredients to the recipe.  

“When I was your age dear…. I made my own baby food”

Brought to you by Heinz Infant. Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences in anyone’s life and whether you have only one child or several; we all want what is best for our family. The first few years from birth to infancy are enjoyable […]

No time to prepare or make a cake for someone’s birthday?

Or it is your birthday and you would rather not make it yourself? Here is a simple idea; prepare all the ingredients earlier or the night before, place them in separate containers – then inside the fridge with the recipe and instructions. These ingredients below are for the No Excuses BEST EVER CHOCOLATE CAKE; and ladies if you would like hubby or […]

Preparing lunches for the following day

SMASH  -Nude Food Movers

If you have school aged children, you would know about that the daily routine of making school lunches. Here at No Excuses, the lunches are made the night before and we have a pretty good system in place – just take a look here!  Of course with 7 lunches to make each night we try to keep things […]

Scissors are essential tools in the kitchen


Did you know a pair of scissors can make life so much easier when preparing meals in the kitchen?  As you can see, No Excuses has a drawer full of them as I use them all the time. Here are several uses when preparing the family meal: Shallots, Spring onions or even Chives can easily be […]





blind baking

When cooking fresh home-made pastry, perhaps the first thought that comes to mind; “Oh, it’s too hard, every time I try to ‘blind bake’, it takes too long or it just turns out wrong”.  Well, I have the answer for you! FORGET the traditional way, this is just SO EASY!

Going NUDE……..with food

healthy lunch

No Excuses has a motto ~ easy organising, easy cooking; making everyday life a little easier and what I am about to show you, falls into these categories. Running a house of 9 people at times can be hard work and when it comes to food preparation and those school lunches, you can only imagine the amount of […]

Feeling amazing and so much better…


It’s been almost 4 months since my Hysterectomy operation back in April 2015 and I thought I would write a follow up post (from this previous one), on how things have been going.   Firstly let me just say, I FEEL AMAZING and without the proper rest and care I took during my recovery period, I probably wouldn’t […]

“Your mother sent us a pram”?

Just recently, hubby and my 16yr old daughter flew up to Sydney to my parents and then drove home the following day with my mothers second hand car.  Or course, no visit to my parents is without a car load full of goodies being sent home to the grand children or myself. My hubby however, was […]

Make you own REAL YOGHURT

With 9 people in the house, yoghurt never lasts in the No Excuses household and one tub can be devoured instantly.    However did you know it is SO EASY to make your own yogurt at home using the EasiYo yogurt maker?   The new EasiYo yogurt maker has a stylish retro red finish and delivers greater functionality. […]






Out of sight, out of mind…

Messy bedrooms happen often in any sized family (even the parents rooms can get into a state of clutter and chaos); yet there is always one particular person in every family that can not get organised.   No amount of encouragement, advice or help does any good, they never seem to see the light at […]

“Soap on a rope” hanging scrubber

Traveler Z 14

My girls are off to a Summer camp next week and packing the toiletries including the shower essentials are VERY important; inside their toilet/bathroom bags, they have their shampoo, tooth paste and brush, deodorants, hair brushes etc…but I didn’t have enough plastic soap holders/boxes to go around.  So after finding something on Pinterest and being inspired by this post, I […]

Bye to misery; hello to life & recovery

The reason for my hysterectomy operation is due to many years of suffering each month which I thought it was “normal”; after all I have had seven children, however the last 6 months really took its toll and as of January 2015 it was time to say “bye misery and hello life”.   My increased fitness has indeed helped […]

POCKETS OF FUN – easy storage project


I made 3 of these; they are great for storing underwear, socks, hair accessories and much more.

They say…life begins at 40….

Is it because the baby years are over, the toddler years have passed and the teen years are upon us? Perhaps it’s because life is a little easier, we are less foolish, a lot wiser or little seems to worry us. Whatever it may be; since turning 40 back in January 2015, my life is about to begin in more ways than one.  […]


warm chicken yum


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